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Essential Webinar Checklist

Webinar Checklist
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Your essential webinar toolkit – coming soon

How to host an online webinar – e-course – coming soon

How to market your webinar – e-course – coming soon

Email Marketing Services and Products

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Lead Generation Services and Products

The Inbound Lead Revolution Report – Free Download

Customer Service

Customer Service Report – only $4.95

Online Business Management

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Online Business Manager Guide – free download

This guide gives a great comparison on the differences between a virtual assistant and an online business manager.



Skype for Business

magazinestack_700x906Your Ultimate Guide to Skype for Business – $17.00

A fully updated guide for effectively using Skype for Business to communicate with your team.

Microsoft Word Tutorials

Check out some free Microsoft Word Tutorials from Microsoft

Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorials

Check out some free Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorials from Microsoft


There are some great products out on the market that can assist you with your business requirements.

Mailchimp is fantastic and if you use our sign up link for a paid membership, you will receive $30 in Monkey Rewards.



Dropbox is another great file sharing tool, if you need to share files with clients or your Virtual Assistant or team members, use our sign up link and you will receive free space for your account.  I also like dropbox to sync my photos taken on my phone, so that I will never lose another photo again.

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