Content Marketing

Content marketing can be tricky, just because you have built a website doesn't mean that your customers and clients will have a 'Field of Dreams' moment and the visitors will flock to your website. Creating traffic can take a little time and this is where content and other marketing comes into play.

When customers visit your website, they are not necessarily wowed on the first visit.  Normally, they are reading the site because they need some information quickly. Thus they search Google or click that link their friend shared. They scroll down the page, dismissing the pop up asking us to fill in our email (why would we??) and then read. They never even notice the logo at the top of the page.

Things only start to click into place if they visit that site again. And again. Through fluke on Google, or because a friend keeps sharing the content, they start to see the same brand crop up a few times and because that’s happened, they start to recognise it. It’s only at this point that they then make a mental note of the site and think of it as one they trust and one they’d like to hear more from.

Eventually, if you keep on impressing in this capacity, then they might go on to start reading your regular posts, or subscribe to your feed. And only then do they start to get to know the person behind the content, start to know you and trust you and consider subscribing to your email list or purchasing something.

At ADMINaholics we can help you to built your authority by implementing a range of content marketing solutions.

We work with you on your goals and build a marketing plan around these goals, we can then implement this plan and keep you on track with providing the content or organising the content ourselves.

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