All About Webinars

All About WebinarsWhy webinars should be part of your regular marketing?

Webinars should be part of your marketing and here are some of the best reasons why we love webinars:

  • Immediate relationship building power.
  • Simple way to create a training product.
  • Excellent way to deliver coaching and consulting.
  • You can create a passive income by automating webinars.
  • Fastest way to re-purpose content for Podcasts and YouTube videos.
  • Great start to transition into creating your own training, marketing and sales videos.
  • Build a wider audience.


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Types of Webinars:

  • Keynote
  • One-Off Training
  • Course
  • Interviews
  • Round Tables
  • Facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Demonstration



We have created quite a few resources to help you create the perfect webinar and we’re creating more resources all the time.

Essential Webinar Checklist


Your Essential Webinar Checklist – Free Download



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Your essential webinar toolkit – coming soon

How to host an online webinar – e-course – coming soon

How to market your webinar – e-course – coming soon

Webinar Services

We can assist with the following services to ensure that your webinar runs professionally and smoothly

Promoting your webinar on social media
Organising your email newsletter to include the webinar details
Setting up your sales page for the webinar
Set up of the Room including
– uploading your presentation (pdf preferred)
– opening the room 15 minutes early to sound test
– be available throughout the webinar for technical issues
– ask pre-designated questions throughout the webinar
Registrations and follow up emails
Adding recording (if applicable) to dropbox at the end
Adding to YouTube
Adding to your website (wordpress)
Follow up of registrations after the webinar

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