1. We help Trainers, Authors and Speakers to build their Authority and maintain focus to achieve their goals by implementing a range of business and marketing solutions.

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Adminaholics are passionate about working with the Trainers, Authors and Speakers.  They are the influencers or leaders and normally highly regarded within their industry. They are often authors or currently writing their first book and they are at the stage of their business where they need to focus on developing their leadership.

To do this, they need help and that is where we come in.

We can implement a range of business administration and marketing solutions and strategies to get you to your next steps and keep you focused on your goals.


As most coaches, authors and speakers would appreciate – I’m busy! I found that I was ignoring my business to focus on helping others and my business – and I – was suffering for it. I enlisted Susan to help me not only get my administration done, but also to help me co-ordinate and organise my online activities, including social media and blogs, and to also help me organise my live events, workshops and co-ordinate my speaking events and clients. And add to that, help me generate even more business. What I loved was that Susan held me accountable to what I said I wanted to do, but in the kindest of ways! If my schedule changed she was flexible to change with it. My clients love their interactions with Susan. There are only so many hours in a day and you simply can’t do it all on your own. I needed quality help and that is what you get when you work with Susan – Quality!

Tracey Leak - Business Coach​

Tracey Leak
Business Coach

Quality Accreditation

Partner with a Quality Approved Virtual Business. This accreditation ensures that Adminaholics is operating under approved Quality standards.  As an approved Quality Business, Adminaholics are committed to running a proven quality business that results in a high quality level of client services.


As a quality accredited business with over 8 years providing efficient and quality service, you can be sure that Adminaholics exceeds expectations or your money back. We are quite diverse and rock at assisting with many aspects of your business.  
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As a professionally accredited business.  We work with you to achieve a guaranteed result or your money back.

​I would highly recommend Susan at Adminaholics. I recently hired her to look after the administrative side of my business whilst I went on vacation. Susan worked efficiently and diligently and had direct contact with my clients who were very impressed with her professionalism. Susan also used her initiative on several occasions and was able to problem solve some issues. I will definitely be using Adminaholics again in the near future. Excellent service.

Michelle McCormac - Pure Locations 

Michelle McCormac